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What I Do

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation

Coaching Sessions

1 hour

1 session: $80
3 session package: $225
5 session package: $350
10 session package: $650

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Coaching Sessions are tailored to your goals, interests, and where you are in your writing journey. Conquer writer's block, find inspiration, organize and develop your ideas, form a sustainable writing practice, improve your productivity, spark (or re-spark) your passion, or even learn the basics. If you have an early draft that you want to strengthen and expand, or a complete piece you are refining, we will take a deep dive into your work and look at elements like themes, structure, character development, and line edits. If you have an idea in mind that you haven’t yet let out, we will work together to get it out of your imagination and into the world. If you are exploring the idea of writing for the first time, I would love to help introduce you.
Coaching Sessions

My Coaching Philosophy

Writing should be a passionate, fulfilling, intoxicating, therapeutic, and challenging experience. It is not all of these simultaneously, but we aim for it to be at least one of these things at all times.

I do not believe in a harsh “tough love” approach to coaching. In my experience, that shuts more writers down than it helps. Your internal environment is even more important than the external. A writer should feel comfortable, even excited, taking risks. I encourage my clients to embrace imperfection, laugh at mistakes, and ignore the critic who lives in your head (you know the one, saying your idea is not good enough even before you write it).

Writing is a practice of experiments and I believe in a collaborative environment that involves looking at what is working and not working in a piece with curiosity, then coming up with a plan for the next experiment. This could mean exploring things like other techniques or digging deeper into the themes and characters to bring them to life.

We are sometimes disappointed by an outcome or frustrated when we feel stuck. In my experience, an open environment that enjoys the experimentation process is where writers flourish. You won’t know if something works until it is on the page. Like Ray Bradbury said “you only fail if you stop writing.”

Your reading practice is also crucial in your writing journey. Explore the greats, but also explore the rule-breakers. Explore what you hate, not just what you love. Knowing what you don’t like helps you refine what you do. I have hundreds of recommendations, but also love to hear about some of your favorites and how they inform your work.

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